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Director of Youth Ministry – Shreveport, LA



Position Description:

In a city where Tex-Mex meets cajun, arts and culture meet affordability, you’ll begin a new adventure. Let Shreveport, Louisiana surprise you with all it offers, and find a welcoming and supportive home for your ministry dreams! You’ll be a part of a community-changing movement at First Presbyterian Church, where their willingness to serve others in tangible ways is widely known.

The teenagers and families in this growing church are eager to dig deeper into their faith. FPC Shreveport needs your initiative and good humor as they reach into the future with highly involved young people. When relationships are strong, teens become essential to the church's life and the building blocks to a lifelong faith are ready to be positioned – just imagine the possibilities! 

As our part-time Director of Youth Ministry, you’ll be supported from all sides as you step into this career. The impact you can have here is virtually unlimited! Plus, you’ll have access to training, coaching, and more through various debt-free continuing education opportunities. Your personal and professional growth will transform your skills and give you a strong future where you live out your calling.

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