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Guiding the church, One leader at a time

When our youngest believers feel engaged and inspired by their church experience, it sets the stage for a lifetime of faith. That connection begins with Youth and Children’s Ministers. Since 2005, YMI has been empowering these ministers to shine in their roles, helping dynamic congregations connect with confident leaders and supporting local communities in living out a life of faith. In guiding the Church and its leaders to success, we strive to carry out what we recognize as God’s vision for the world.

One-on-one Coaching

Programs that are Personalized, Practical & Proven

Wherever you are in your call to serve, our team of ministers and coaches will support and guide you along your path. If you’re a new Youth or Children’s Minister seeking leadership growth, or an experienced minister looking to unlock more of your potential, our customized coaching programs will help you develop the skills to confidently lead younger generations.

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My coach was there every step of the way. Knowing that she continually prays for me and genuinely cares for my ministry is such a great asset when we can feel so alone in what we do.

— Emily Felgenhauer

3-Month Cohort Program

Conversation. Connection. Community.

Our inspiring cohort programs allow you to learn from and alongside a group of your peers—Youth and Children’s Ministers across the country. Led by one of our instructors, these passionate church leaders come together to explore key issues affecting the Church and share insights on the challenges that Youth and Children’s Ministers face every day. In addition to expert guidance, cohort members build each other up to become more confident and effective leaders.

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With my YMI training and the support of my cohort, I am becoming more confident in my ability to guide the students in our ministry to develop THEIR vision and mission for our youth group.

— Sabrina Wellman

Hiring Services

Flourish With Fresh Leadership

Finding a qualified Youth or Children’s Minister is one thing. Finding the right minister for your church and congregation is another. Our team takes the time to understand your congregation’s unique culture, values and needs. Then, using our extensive network to source applicants, we screen top candidates and conduct in-depth assessments, focus groups and individual interviews. This rigorous selection process results in placements that feel right for both sides.

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YMI helped us find a new Youth Minister. The youth ministry has grown significantly in five years, bringing vitality and purpose to the church.

— Betty Batey

Career Services

Fulfill Your Call to Serve

All set to take on an exciting new role at a great local congregation? Organized by denomination, state and city, our nationwide job board helps ready-to-lead Youth and Children’s Ministers find a position to fulfill their passion.


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