Amy Gerend

Success Stories:

Balancing Family and Ministry

Amy Gerend

“To be honest I was a little nervous about starting up ‘school’ again with the already hectic schedule we run with our family and three kids. But I knew that the benefits of having professionals working to train and educate me was essential if I wanted to make a difference at my church. I knew for sure that I didn’t want to be the 6th worker to leave! It’s seems so silly now that I was worried. The books are so helpful and the lectures are so engaging! I have learned so much about how to do this job and I know for sure that would not have happened without YMI and my coach.”

– Amy Gerend, YMI Midwest class of 2016

Amy Gerend was a volunteer at her church before becoming the youth minister. She and her husband have three kids. YMI helped her balance ministry, family, and personal development.