Spring Youth & Children's Ministry Cohorts

Start 2021 the RIGHT way with community and insights that you need.

Two Cohorts, each with 720 Meaningful Minutes that will give you the confidence to lead, right now, in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

Ministry continues to feel like the most formidable job in the world.  Let's walk into 2021 together!

2021 is a new year, with new opportunities and challenges. Your ministry may return to "normal," or it may stay the way it has in 2020.

Regardless of what you face, we will walk with you. In fact, an entire group of other youth & children's ministers will walk together through the first 3 months of the year!

You may be thinking, ministry is all about people. So how am I supposed to keep my children, families, or students engaged when I can barely see them (if I can see them at all)?

Have you lost a lot of volunteers - wondering how to recruit more? You're not alone there either!

Worst of all, youth and children's ministers are feeling alone in this challenge. You may even be questioning your call.

Many of us feel as though there has been little accomplished. No matter if you are full-time, part-time, or volunteer, you've probably felt this way.

720 Meaningful Minutes
720 minutes that will encourage you, refresh you, and give you the confidence you need to move forward with new ideas or insights for the ministry you serve.

These cohorts have the community, ideas, experts, and inspiration you need to thrive in 2021 - no matter what happens!

With each cohort, you will have a group of other youth or children's ministers that understand you, recognize your pain, celebrate with you, and pray with you.

Each cohort meeting will focus on a particular topic - you'll know the area we're going to help you grow before you even arrive in the group time.

You will find the conversation, training, and topic pros you need with two cohorts to choose from.

You will have personal access to the Youth Ministry Institute staff during the cohorts.

What Past Participants Have To Say About Their Cohort Experience
"During the time of COVID, it has been particularly hard to maintain my creative engine. YMI's cohort not only gave me specific ideas for ministry, it gave me space to release the weight of ministry that has been hampering my creativity. Having a place to hear that my struggle is being shared, that others are in the boat with me, has been life giving. Thanks YMI."
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"I decided to try a YMI cohort because I was new to student ministry. I met amazing people, was able to get different feedback from other churches around the United States and was able to be educated on topics very important in this day and age. The hosts listened and gave great feedback to conversation around the table. Great ideas were found listening to other people in churches different than my own. Seeing different things in other people's eyes were what I found amazing...Thank you!
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Times like these call for an army of support, not a lone ranger.

Don't be a lone ranger!

Why is this different than a local network of youth or children's ministers?

These cohorts are like a caffeine-fueled community, in overdrive - filled with pros and people looking for the same thing as you!

You need a local support network - we completely agree! These are more like a highly focused group poised to take your ministry to an entirely new level, even during a pandemic!

Did we mention there will be topic pros and personal attention from the Youth Ministry Institute staff?

What you get with a 360 Meaningful Minutes Cohort
Topic Pros
Pros To Guide
Topics you discuss in the cohorts will be driven by a person that has done well in that area of expertise. They will have insights, ideas, and challenges to help you grow.
Topic Driven Discussions
Focused Cohorts
Each cohort session will be focused on a specific topic. This clarity will help make your time in these cohorts impactful - meaningful!
No More Feeling Alone
The people you meet in the cohorts will pray together, encourage one another, and be support we all need right now.
YMI Staff
Years Of Experience
Youth Ministry Institute staff will be present and active in each cohort. The YMI staff are ministry experts with years of proven experience. They will provide support, insights, and encouragement.
Power To Choose
Two Cohort Options
Whether you are looking for a children's, or youth ministry cohort - we have an option for you. You can choose one, or both! Either cohort will be a great experience.
Optional Private Coaching
Professional Youth or Children's Ministry Coaching
Whether you are feeling stuck, have a situation that you need guidance to handle, or are looking for longterm growth then professional coaching through the Youth Ministry Institute is your answer.
Praise From Past YMI Students
"These two years have changed and challenged me in ways I both could not have imagined and in ways I knew were deeply needed...through YMI I have found more support than I ever thought existed. And in that respect, YMI has been God's very visible hand and mostly audible voice in my life."
- Britt Holdren
"YMI saved my life...One of the greatest lessons I have learned is how to be open, honest, and vulnerable with those who are ready to love and care for me...They have continuously showered me with love, encouragement, laughter, but have also not been afraid to speak truth...into my life."
- Laura Gehman
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Two Cohort Options
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Youth Ministry Cohort

Meets at 1 pm EST for 2 hours on the following dates:
Jan. 14 & 28
Feb. 11 & 25
March 11 & 25

Topics include:
- Changing Evaluation Metrics
- Rebuilding After COVID
- Connecting & Engaging Parents
- Safety Policies & Procedures
- Emotional Health Of A Leader

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Children's Ministry Cohort
Meets at 11 am EST for 2 hours on the following dates:
Jan. 14 & 28
Feb. 11 & 25
March 11 & 25

Topics include:
- Changing Evaluation Metrics
- Rebuilding After COVID
- Connecting & Engaging Families
- Safety Policies & Procedures
- Emotional Health Of A Leader

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