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Student Minister – Bedford, IN


Position Description:

Mt. Pleasant Christian Church (MPCC, Bedford, IN) is a growing and welcoming community of 300-400 people committed to "Knowing God, Loving Others, and Serving the World." To best fulfill our mission and serve our church family and community, we are seeking a full-time Student Minister to lead our 7th- to 12th graders in their spiritual walk with Christ. The Student Minister will play a pivotal role in shaping the spiritual development of our youth through some of the following responsibilities:
  • Display a passion for engaging the students active in the student ministry and those outside the ministry who do not have a church home or attend student ministry events.
  • Provide counseling and mentorship to students as they navigate the challenges of following Jesus through various stages of adolescence.
  • Energetically communicate Biblical truth through weekly lessons that engage the students.
  • Communicate well with and empower the volunteer leaders to build lasting and impactful relationships with students.

Position Qualifications:

The Student Minister should also have a growing relationship with Christ, pursue and maintain a positive chemistry with our growing staff, and have the flexibility to work evenings and weekends as their position dictates. A degree in theology & ministry is preferred but optional with a sufficient history of work experience related to the opportunity at MPCC.

As part of your employment at MPCC, you will receive three weeks of paid vacation each year and one day off during the week as well as Saturday. Employees of MPCC also receive whatever technology (computers, iPads, etc.) they need to perform their jobs to the best of their capabilities. As an employee, you will also be assigned a mentor Elder who will work alongside the Senior and Associate Pastors to ensure that you, as an individual, an employee, and your family, remain as spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy as possible. As an employee of MPCC, your relationship with God and your relationship with your family are of utmost importance. Compensation for the role will be determined based on experience. Resumes or questions should be emailed to