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Pastor of Missions & Student Ministry – Asheville, NC


Position Description:

Covenant Community Church, a United Methodist congregation in Asheville, NC, seeks a Pastor of Missions & Student Ministry. The purpose of this position is to foster alignment of the congregation with the espoused mission & vision by exploring opportunities for intergenerational mission, expanding pathways for community partnership, and developing students for Christian leadership and service. Responsibilities:
  • Invest relationally in CCC students, parents, and volunteers of middle and high school ministries.
  • Cast vision for family and missions in partnership with Lead Pastors
  • Create a culture of prayer, empowerment, and leadership development within the church.
  • Further develop established missional partnerships (Haywood, Schools, ABCCM)
  • Explore potential community partnerships.
  • Create a culture of collaboration, mutuality, and community-led development.
  • Promote pastoral care for all students and their families.
  • Assist with student assimilation into the life of the Church.
  • Identify and affirm assets, strengths, skills, and passions of students and parents.
  • Recruit, select, lead, and train volunteers for student and mission ministry.
  • Identify and invite parents into meaningful roles of leadership, evaluation, and coordination.
  • Coordinate with the Student Ministry Leadership Team to set, plan, and accomplish annual goals consistent with the church’s vision.
  • Communicate ministry opportunities clearly and consistently to all teams.
  • Coordinate routine celebration and appreciation of the student ministry team.
  • Identify and disciple students for service in student, churchwide, and community leadership roles.
  • Participation in Sunday morning worship service responsibilities as needed.
  • Lead, coordinate, and direct programming for middle and high school students, which includes but is not limited to teaching, worship, small groups, and service opportunities.
  • Programming should be designed with a keen awareness of the unique developmental differences that exist between middle and high school students.
  • Facilitate onboarding, off-boarding, and timely rotation of Mission Team members annually.
  • Create intergenerational service opportunities.
  • Design and implement worship services, connection, and spiritual growth opportunities for middle and high school students in the church and the Greater Asheville community.
  • Coordinate training of and ensure compliance with the Safe Sanctuary policies and procedures for all volunteers serving in youth ministry.
  • Prepare and manage budget and administration for the assigned program ministries of the church.
  • Collaborate with lead pastors regarding new approaches to missional engagement and outreach (i.e., Fresh Expressions)
  • Coordinate annual mission retreat weekend or its equivalent.
  • Develop methods for assessing community assets and opportunities (aka needs).
  • Evaluate partnerships annually for missional alignment.
  • Manage assigned classroom spaces.

Position Qualifications:

  • Models a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Holds an undergraduate degree and seminary or equivalent training preferred.
  • Has experience successfully leading or assisting student ministry in a church or youth organization.
  • Possesses a passion, excitement, and energy for youth ministry that focuses on discipleship, mission, and community development.
  • Ascribes to the theological convictions in the Apostle’s Creed and embraces the Wesleyan theological heritage held by the United Methodist Church.
  • Demonstrate vision.
  • Ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage, and implement student/family discipleship and missions within the parameters of the UMC.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong conflict management skills.
  • Possess a proven ability to work effectively with congregations, teams of volunteers, and community members and organizations.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
  • The ability to recruit, train, and inspire volunteers of all ages.
  • Self-motivated individual with the ability to work collaboratively and maintain a flexible schedule.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings, Monthly Mission meetings, and quarterly Student Leadership team meetings.
Interested applicants should contact for more information.