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NextGen Director – Agua Dulce, TX


Position Description:

Agua Dulce Baptist Church in Agua Dulce, Texas, seeks their new NextGen Director. The NextGen Director will provide leadership to the various volunteers and ministry teams from Birth to Young Adult. He will carry out the church's mission and vision, being strategically minded, administratively skilled, and intentional with recruiting and development of teams within the scope of the next generation of Jesus-followers. The NextGen Director will also possess a pastoral heart that can lead volunteers, parents, students, and kids in a relational ministry style as he serves as the chief communicator in these areas. They will:
  • Be a champion of the next generation
  • Fight for strategic alignment
  • Lead a team of leaders
  • Partner with Parents
  • Promote service & full church engagement
  • Intentional community outreach
  • Multiply faithful disciplemakers
Position Qualifications: We are looking for an H3 Leader:
  • HUMBLE Stays open and shares his life with authenticity. Seeks out counsel, advice, and feedback. Listens when confronted. Admits when wrong. Blames no one. Fosters collaboration with individuals and between ministry teams. Instinctively serves to make others better. Remembers it’s not about him. Takes extreme ownership of ministry and personally.
  • HUNGRY Develops an appetite for what God has next. Takes initiative to remain a life-long learner. Dreams of new opportunities to advance the Kingdom. Pursues innovation by staying current and creative. Pushes himself beyond his own comfort, strength, and wisdom. Knows that influence is about developing the right habits for high impact.
  • HUSTLE Owns his convictions and sticks to them each day. Equipped with both technical skills and people skills. People skills include someone who demonstrates emotional intelligence (works really well with others). He is self-aware and knows how his words and actions impact others on the team. Invests in leaders, volunteers, and the next generation intuitively. Seeks to make every ministry better. We are looking for a man who is: • a growing disciple of Jesus who loves the local church. • called to Next Generation Ministries. • spiritually gifted for this position (pastor, teacher, leader). • pursuing a lifestyle as a biblically qualified leader (1 Timothy 3:1-13; 2 Timothy 2; Titus1:5-9). • interested in a graduate degree in Ministry, Biblical/Theological studies, or Biblical Counseling (this would be included in compensation).
Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to: