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Next Gen/Student Ministry Director – Lutz, FL


Position Description:

North Pointe Church in Lutz, FL, is seeking a Next Gen/Student Ministry Director. The NextGen Director exists to design and build a comprehensive children and student ministry program (birth to 18yr) that creatively engages kids with the truth of God’s word and teaches them how to understand and apply it to their lives. The NGD understands that each stage of life, brings new understanding and new opportunity to deposit truth from God’s Word – and establishing a scope & sequence for each milestone for our children along the way in areas like: Bible story content, Memory Verses, Books of the Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Life Application, Identity, Morality. The NextGen Director (NGD) has a ministry specialization in Student Ministry (6th to 12th Grade) but also oversees and leads the full scope of birth to 18yrs (Children & Student Ministries) under the direction and leadership of the Senior Pastor by designing a comprehensive ministry strategy to raise up biblically literate, fruit-bearing disciples of Jesus Christ. The Children’s Ministry Director is responsible for birth to 5th grade under the direction of the NextGen Director. In addition, the Next Gen Director serves as Student Ministry Director. (As church grows, the Student Ministry Director role will be a stand-alone position, reporting to NGD). The NGD will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values, and mission of the North Pointe Church and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams and volunteers with its mission, vision and values. The NGD creates systems and strategies to partner with parents to assist them in discipling their children. The NGD is a proven Leader of Leaders – Equipping, Empowering, Replicating team members in all areas of this ministry. Modeling Biblical Character & Upholding NPC Core Values The NGD is a person of spiritual character and who upholds the beliefs and core values of the North Pointe Church. The NGD should represent a growing personal relationship with Christ with a strong desire to be led by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the ministry work that God has entrusted him/her to steward. The NGD models a strong relationship with his or her spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). The NGD strives to fulfill his or her purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships, and actions.

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