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Director of Student Ministry – Sugar Land, TX


Position Description:

Parkway United Methodist Church began in a living room in the New Territory community of Sugar Land, TX in the mid 1990’s. It has since grown to be a church that has modern worship, focuses on developing both traditional and nontraditional small discipleship groups, and whose facilities are frequently used by many groups in this quickly diversifying area. Parkway’s mission is to demonstrate God’s grace to inspire a hope-filled journey with Jesus. Parkway values the inclusion of all people to the gospel and its ministry. Parkway students currently operate at two main contact points – Sunday morning programming, which is typically more in-depth Bible study/discipleship, and Wednesday evening, which is typically more fellowship, life topics, and community. Mission trips for junior high and senior high occur in the summer and occasional retreats throughout the year. Like many churches, the covid years saw many high school students fall out of the rhythm of attending, but Parkway has a growing, consistent elementary and rising middle school population that will grow into the next chapter of Parkway’s student ministry. Parkway’s next student ministry director will be tasked with helping grow this current children’s ministry into the next chapter of student ministries. The ideal candidate will be:
  • Collaborative: Parkway staff works as a collaborative team, aligning and scaling across ministry areas so that families can engage with similar content and continue discipleship/conversations at home. The student director will also need to collaborate closely with the director of children’s ministries.
  • Both Consistent and Creative: Parkway’s student ministries director will need to both consistently follow through with quality discipleship and ministry to students and their families, while also looking for new ways of reaching and engaging students with growing in their faith.
  • Positive and Relational: A student ministries director must care about and be able to build meaningful relationships with students, parents, volunteers, and Parkway leadership. These relationships will be built both at Parkway and out in the community.
This person is responsible for:
  • Spiritual Leadership: Provide biblical teaching, mentorship, and spiritual guidance, helping students grow in their faith and relationship with Christ.
  • Student Ministry Programming: Develop and implement engaging and age-appropriate programs, activities, trips, and events that foster a sense of community and discipleship.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Development: Engage and equip volunteers to assist in various aspects of student ministry, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for all activities.
  • Collaboration: Work collaboratively with pastors, church staff, and ministry teams to integrate the student ministry into the overall church vision and mission.
  • Administration: Updating church management database, maintain a social media presence on already existing pages, maintain clear and consistent communication with parents and students.

Position Qualifications:

  • Strong commitment to their Christian faith Commitment to or at least familiarity with Methodism
  • Proven experience in student ministry leadership
  • Preferred Bachelor’s Degree, either earned or in progress, but willing to consider both education and experience.
  • Leadership abilities with a demonstrated history of sound judgment
  • Salary Range: 40,000 – 55,000, depending on fit and experience
If interested, please send resume and cover letter to: Justin Mikulencak Lead Pastor, Parkway UMC