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Associate Director of Student Ministries – Southfield, MI


Position Description:

Highland Park Baptist Church is a 110-year-old church located in the suburbs of Detroit, MI and currently has around 700 in weekly attendance. HPBC is diverse both racially and generationally with over 30% of its congregation made up of people from minority communities. The mission of the church is to Worship, Grow and Go as a House of Prayer. These values are fleshed out as they seek to Worship God in everything they do as a body of believers because He is worthy of all honor, glory, and praise. They Grow together as a body through the study of God in His Word leading to life transformation and sanctification. And they Go and make Christ known to the ends of the Earth, starting in their neighborhoods and workplaces. All of this is accomplished as a House of Prayer because apart from the Father, they can do nothing and salvation belongs to Him. HPBC is currently looking to hire an Associate Director of Student Ministries who will help build a growing and effective Student Ministry that partners with families to reach kids with the Gospel of Christ and raise them for His glory. Southfield, MI is a suburb of Detroit. Like all of the greater Detroit area, Southfield is highly diverse. This diversity includes religion, ethnicity, political leanings, and socio-economic status. While most of the community immediately around the church is African-American and Caucasian, there is also a significant Asian population. The greater Detroit area also has an extremely large Middle Eastern Muslim population and Highland Park regularly engages with this community through its Refugee ministry. While Winters in Michigan are cold and snowy, there are tons of indoor activities for those winter months and the summers are incredible. There are countless lakes, parks, concert venues, and golf courses to help Michiganders fully enjoy "Pure Michigan" throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The ideal candidate will:
  • Help the High School Director to oversee, plan, and provide leadership for student activities
  • Consistently evaluate the needs of these students in the church and the community and shape appropriate ministries to effectively reach and disciple them
  • Help to coordinate with other HPBC ministry leaders and employees to be occasionally utilized in other ministries of the church outside of the student ministry based on skill set and gifting
  • Help administer the Student Ministry budget under the supervision of the High School Pastor
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Senior Pastor, Elder Board, Family Ministries Pastor, and High School Pastor
  • Self-aware and attentive to the needs of those in their ministry
  • Professional in their work but does not take themselves too seriously
  • Being able to laugh and have fun is a must in Student Ministry

Position Qualifications:

  • The Associate Director of Student Ministries needs to first and foremost prioritize their relationship with Christ above all else.
  • Theologically aligned with Highland Park Baptist Church in their Statement of Faith
  • Experience (at a minimum) serving in Student Ministries
  • Eager to reach, disciple, and send Students
  • Motivated, self-starter who enjoys helping to build, train, and lead teams of volunteers
  • Able to teach God's Word in a faithful and engaging manner
  • Enjoy investing in relationships with others: Students, Parents, Volunteers, and other Staff Members
  • Organized and think things through whether planning an event, helping to managing the Student budget, or even having a conversation
If interested, please apply here.