Youth Pastor, Lampasas – TX

Position Description:

Grace Fellowship Church is seeking a full-time youth pastor. The overreaching umbrella for youth at GFC in Lampasas serves primarily as an outreach to the youth of Lampasas. Probably 70% of the attendees on Wednesday night are not affiliated with Grace at any other time but show a desire to learn more about God and are appreciative of a place that will allow them to do so.

Our youth ministry has served as a ministry whose aim has been to focus on the youth and help them become mature disciples, generally, this is done independently of the parents. So the Youth Ministry of GFC serves as an outreach/service to the youth of Lampasas to introduce them to Jesus and disciple them.

Our hope is still that through the youth ministry of the church families will be strengthened and become a part of the larger body of GFC. The end goal of youth ministry will be to produce mature disciples of Christ who graduate high school and make an impact immediately in the next season of life.

Position Qualifications:

With these things in mind, the duties of the youth pastor should help facilitate this discipleship process under the umbrella and vision of GFC. These include but are not limited to:

  • Youth Worship Service
  • Historically our Wednesday Night Fellowship.
  • Worship through music, biblical teaching, small group fellowship
  • The youth pastor would be responsible for creating and evaluating an environment/schedule that fits the needs of grades 6-12.
  • Recruiting and training volunteers Discipleship opportunities
  • Apart from Wednesday night worship-there should be an opportunity given to students to pursue deeper discipleship. These need not be led by the youth pastor, but the youth pastor should be able to oversee and give guidance and vision to these areas. Bible Studies – Service opportunities, Leadership training, Retreat opportunities – Fall Retreat, summer camps, and DNOW have been supplemental avenues for kids to unplug and seek God.
  • The youth pastor should be seeking ways to do this efficiently or be innovative in providing 1 or 2 opportunities like this during the year.
  • Student Ministries Leadership – Recruit a team of volunteers to execute Student Ministries – Provide training and leadership development to Student Ministry team members and Student Leaders
  • Counseling Kids need wise counsel for a number of areas. The youth pastor should use all resources available including parents and church staff to provide a biblical framework for counseling that moves the student toward transparency, accountability, and healing if needed. Knowing when to refer kids will be imperative. Training volunteers in their specific roles and limits will be an important part of this process.
  • Ministry of Presence-Most effective ministry comes from being where kids are. GFC seeks to develop a culture that facilitates growth on campus and off-campus.

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