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Music Ministry Coordinator, Andover, KS


REPORTS TO:            The Senior Pastor
CONFERS WITH:     Staff; Worship Planning Team; other committees based on Music Ministry goals
APPROVED BY:        AUMC Staff Parish Committee

JOB SUMMARY: Plan, facilitate, implement, and lead a well-rounded Music Ministry Program for Andover United Methodist Church and work as a team member with staff to accomplish the greater mission of the church.

  • Prior experience and/or evidence of successful leadership in music ministry
  • Strong commitment to the United Methodist Church
  • Knowledge of and ability to plan and lead music in both traditional and contemporary settings
  • Knowledge of directing: choir, praise band, and bell choir
  • Lifestyle and behavior consistent with the United Methodist Book of Discipline
  • Excellent oral and written communications
  • Basic computer skills
  • Willing to be part of a team with staff and develop leadership with laity
  • Ability to manage administrative and budgetary tasks related to the position
  • Ability to complete tasks assigned and appropriately supervise tasks assigned to others

PERSONAL QUALITIES: Strong personal Christian faith commitment; responsible and dynamic leader; inclusive of persons [regardless of age, ethnic or social background, family setting or life situation]; able to relate in a positive manner to persons of all ages; enthusiastic; confident yet open to new ideas; willing to learn and grow; a sense of humor helps.
WORK SCHEDULE: This is a 12 hour/week, salaried position requiring the Music Ministry Coordinator to be present for Sunday worship services, rehearsals, planning meetings and otherwise as determined in conjunction with the senior pastor. He/She is expected to work a minimum of twenty four (24) hours during each 2-week pay period. One scheduled day will be Sunday of each week. All personal business shall be conducted at times other than during scheduled work hours.

  • Coordinate all Music Ministry activities. This is done in cooperation with staff members, volunteers, and groups within the church.  Delegation and sharing of the leadership role is expected.
  • Plan worship with a worship design team
  • Plan choir music 4 weeks in advance
  • Recruit, train and work with adults to assist with Music Ministry activities.
  • Plan special music for the summer in lieu of the usual choir specials
  • Coordinate the Music Ministry with the Church Calendar
  • Develop healthy relationships with the children, youth and adults.
  • Communicate effectively the goals and activities of the Music Ministry program.
  • Assist all ages in assuming musical roles in the worship and ministry of the church.
  • Manage risk and boundary awareness with all volunteers.
  • Promote and participate in AUMC worship and ministries.
  • Attend staff meetings as needed or determined.