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Director of Youth Ministries and Worship Leader, Palatka, FL


Trinity United Methodist Church, located in the midst of a diverse community of families in Palatka, Florida, seeks a full-time Director of Youth Ministries and Worship Leader. This is a great position for someone who enjoys growing a youth ministry and also aspires to lead a praise team and the congregation in worship. The dual purpose in this position will be to provide spiritual and relational Christian leadership for youth grades 6 through 12, and to lead the musical aspect of worship. It is preferred that qualified candidates have a bachelor’s degree, but not necessary, depending on previous experience in youth ministry. Being proficient in voice and able to play one accompanying instrument - keyboard, piano or guitar - is key. A basic understanding of United Methodist theology is required.
  1. Must embrace Christian discipline and have a basic understanding of United Methodist doctrine.
  2. Have an active, growing and personal faith relationship with Christ.
  3. A bachelor’s degree preferred but not necessary, depending on experience.
  4. Must display excellent interpersonal skills, conflict management skills, and a proven ability to work effectively with youth, families, people of different ages and races, and teams of volunteers.
  5. Possess a basic knowledge of adolescent development and emotional needs.
  6. Proficiency in lead vocals and at least one accompanying instrument (keyboard, piano or guitar).
  7. Should be able to envision multiple avenues of worship and how to practice them.
Please submit a resume with 3 references to:
Pastor John Bennett
Trinity UMC: 1400 Husson Ave., Palatka, FL. 32177