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Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Jacksonville, FL


St. Paul United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, seeks members for a new team working together for the new vision of our church in Arlington, a multiracial community in redevelopment. If you have a passion to make a difference in the lives of people in the church and the community as a Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult ministries, please submit your resume.

  1. Must embrace Christian discipline and United Methodist doctrine and practice.
  2. Commitment to the St Paul UMC mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ, sharing God’s love, changing lives and serving the community.
  3. Have a vital, growing and personal faith relationship with Christ. Be able to share with others your testimony and continuing journey of faith.
  4. A bachelor’s degree in a related field (education, youth ministry) or completion of Youth Ministry Institute or a Professional Certification in Youth Ministry. Other equivalent degrees or certification may be considered.
  5. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and computer skills.
  6. Must display excellent interpersonal skills, conflict management skills and a proven ability to work effectively with youth/young adults, families, people of different ages and races, and teams of volunteers.
  7. Possess a basic knowledge of adolescent development and emotional needs.
  8. Trained in the importance of providing a safe environment in all ministry settings.
  9. Must undergo and pass personal background screening process.

  Preferred Aptitudes:
  1. Demonstrated passion for connecting with families of youth/young adults in Arlington, a multicultural community in transition and redevelopment.
  2. Curator of fun, interactive, meaningful games and events to instill community and fellowship.
  3. Creative vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement a youth ministry within the parameters of the United Methodist Church.
  4. Adept at using and promoting events with most current social media platforms.
  5. Understanding of the difference between proper use/misuse of social media.