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Associate Minister for Youth and Families, Lexington, KY


Crestwood Christian Church is looking for an Associate Minister of Youth and Families who will work with the Ministerial Staff Team to develop and administer a vibrant, active youth ministry, college ministry and young adult ministry. In addition, this minister will provide ministry programs and opportunities for the families of the church, taking into consideration the varied definitions of “family” that exist within the congregation.

Core Competencies

  • Trust and integrity. Is a person of deep and vibrant faith; is regarded as dependable; is considered trustworthy; is committed to being fiscally responsible; honors confidentiality.
  • Interpersonal relationships. Relates well to all ages of people; builds relationships with all members of the congregation; is regarded as a team player; is considered personable and approachable; is open to new ideas.
  • Communication. Is an excellent communicator across a variety of mediums; is technologically adept and can use it to communicate effectively; can articulate thoughts and ideas clearly; is comfortable speaking in front of a large group.
  • Team player. Possesses a collaborative spirit; works well with other staff, ministry team members, and the congregation; desires to serve rather than be served; equips lay people to become leaders; is willing to help out wherever is needed; works well under pressure; is open to feedback and evaluation.
  • Organizing. Can gather and organize resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities to accomplish goals; can use resources efficiently and effectively; meets deadlines.
  • Desire to grow. Is a self-motivator; focuses on continuing education and self-improvement efforts; pursues an active spiritual life; takes self-care seriously.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Seminary degree preferred
  • Ordination by a recognized church body preferred
  • Experience serving in a church setting required, especially in the area of youth ministry