Help is on the Way!

If you live and work as a youth minister in Florida, this past weekend had all the ups and downs of a yo-yo!

I live in Orlando.  So, I can see all of you coming!  Disney World hosts Night of Joy.  And, not to be outdone, Universal hosts Rock the Universe.  On the same weekend nearly every Christian band and solo act you have ever heard of are in town. Therefore, many youth groups make their annual pilgrimage to Orlando for a festive weekend.  It is common to accumulate less sleep at these events than one would at a lock-in with over 100 students.  Am I right here?  Can I get an “amen” or a “give me a Red Bull”?

Night of Joy and Rock the Universe are great events.  And, if you didn’t go, you have probably had similar experiences on great trips with youth.  You are energized and tired all at the same time.  Well, catch your breath.  You are spent.  Tired.  You now need something for you.  Well, help is on the way!!!

The next great event in Orlando is the Youth Ministry Academy.  Three solid days for you!

Great workshops!  Great speakers!  Only one band!  All are focused on leading you into a deeper understanding of your call from God to work with youth!

You will sleep well.  You will eat well.  And, you will learn and grow tremendously.

The dates are January 28-31, 2015.  The early bird deadline for registration expires at the end of September (soon).

If you live in Florida, there is a good chance you will get a Youth Ministry Academy post card mailed to you in the next 10 days (unbelievably, we still occasionally use the United States Postal Service).  If you live somewhere else in the world, we won’t be sending you a post card.  So, we rely on all of you sharing information with your friends and associates.  So, please, share away.  This s going to be another great event (without the sleep loss).

At the Youth Ministry Academy you will feel connected and cared for while at the same time being moved and challenged in your spiritual and professional journey (which should be all intertwined with one another).

So, catch your breath.  Go to and register today.  Help is on the way!


steve-schneebergerSteve Schneeberger is the Executive Director of the Youth Ministry Institute. Beginning in 1985, Steve began a vocation as a youth minister serving churches in Kansas and Florida. He is a 1981 graduate of Shawnee Mission West High School in Overland Park, Kansas, has a business degree from Baker University (1985) and a law degree from the University of Kansas (1988). He is married to Carol, an elementary school teacher and former counselor. They have three children. Steve consults, coaches and teaches Visioning, Organizing and Planning for Success, Budgeting, Helping Youth Over Developmental Hurdles, Beginning Leadership – Mastering the Core Competencies, Conflict Resolution and Expecting Great Behavior for the Youth Ministry Institute.


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