Four Case Studies

Four Case Studies

by Matt Vaughan, Midwest Director for YMI

(Photo: Four YMI Midwest students attend our Foundational Retreat on August 31–September 1, 2015. Note that these students aren’t the churches in this article, but they do have similar stories.)

I spent some time this summer with two pastors and two youth ministers that have very successful youth programs. They are Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist (there’s a parachute or light bulb joke in there somewhere!). I asked them, “why is your youth ministry so successful?” They all said the same thing – their churches make youth ministry a priority.

They shared their case studies with me. One saw his youth ministry increase in size last year after the congregation focused on growth and invested in its family ministry budgets; one youth minister has been at his church for longer than five years and oversees a healthy and stable youth ministry; and one sent her entire youth group on an international mission trip for less than $300 per student, thanks to a church-wide fundraising effort to support the youth group.

A fourth pastor with a renewing youth ministry said that she’s seeing the culture change at her church. Youth ministry hadn’t always been important. She said her church “made youth ministry our highest priority in 2014, and our youth ministry really took off after we partnered with YMI. In fact, we’re now planning our first mission trip in years.”

Two of the churches I mentioned are clients of YMI. Two are not. All have successful youth ministry because these churches make it an investment.

YMI partners with successful youth ministers and pastors to coach and teach for us. YMI partners with other churches to stabilize, grow, and renew youth ministry. These partnerships are successful because we support local churches in addition to training their youth ministers.

Which of these four case studies is similar to your church’s ministry setting? Or, is youth ministry a priority at your church? How can YMI help?


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