Student Ministry Director, Duluth, GA

Sugarloaf United Methodist Church in Duluth, Georgia, is looking to add another student pastor to their Student Ministries Staff!  If you think the traits listed here fit you, please apply!

• Leadership • Pastor/shepherd • Mercy-showing • Administration • Teaching •Education and experience in theology and counseling • Excellent Communicator • Excellent role model • Organizational/Administrative Skills
Visionary • Expressive leader • Compassionate • Playful • Energetic • Dependable • Friendly • Analytical •
Self-Starter  •Ministering to and with teens, with a heart for understanding their special needs and a desire to include this valuable group of people in the ministry of the church •Teaching and helping students to apply foundational Biblical truths to their life issues.


  • Recruit, develop, and coach LEADERS to lead a growing and fruitful ministry!
  • Give direction to and oversee the student ministry.
  • Identify the needs and interests of teens within the church and community.
  • Plan and develop programs for the student ministry.
  • Evaluate existing programs to determine effectiveness.
  • Identify and provide ministry opportunities for teens.
  • Work in consultation with other Student Ministry Staff and Church Ministry Staff to reach significant numbers of Middle School and High School students.
  • Meet monthly with student ministry leaders (adult team and student team) to pray and to plan and discuss upcoming events, challenges, solutions, praises.
  • Provide counseling and spiritual direction to teens on an individual basis.
  • Participate in outreach ministry to teens who have visited the church.
  • Project and oversee annual budget for student ministries; oversee expenditures.
  • Lead student retreats for the purpose of spiritual edification and evangelism.
  • Utilize outreach teams and resources to coordinate and lead mission trips and opportunities for students.
  • Visit with teens ON-SITE in their schools, houses, activities, and when hospitalized. Maintain an incarnational presence in the local schools surrounding Sugarloaf.
  • Actively seek out continuing education and training opportunities.
  • Plan and lead Confirmation classes for students.
  • Compile a youth database to be used throughout the ministry for coordination and community building.
  • Attend weekly Staff meetings.
  • Attend Council meetings representing staff and student ministry needs.

If interested in knowing more about this position, please email your cover letter and resume.